Van Blanckendaell Park

Van Blanckendaell Park is a zoo with a savannah, playground, museum and a mill. Discover animals from all over the world in Tuitjenhorn in North Holland! It is only four kilometres from our park. 

Hoenderdaell Zoo

Feed monkeys and loris and come face to face with animals from all over the world. The animal park at Landgoed Hoenderdaell in Anna Paulowna is a realm of animals in itself, with bird of prey shows and a special refuge for confined lions and tigers.

Deer park in Bergen

In the middle of the village of Bergen you will find a lovely deer park and petting zoo. There are not only deer – you will also find chickens, goats, pigeons, peacocks, geese, a Nandu and a Scottish Blackface sheep. The deer park can be visited free of charge at any time: it is a public petting zoo for everyone. 

Train at the Blankendaell park
Ringtail lemur in Hoenderdeall Zoo
Deer park in Bergen