Museums: our top 3

Broeker Auction

Doing and experiencing are the main priorities at Museum BroekerVeiling. Veil yourself vegetables, take a boat tour, let yourself be guided through the museum grounds by Tuinder Arie via the audio tour, visit an exhibition, eat well in the restaurant or order a picnic basket. Settle down on a rug in the grass or hire a whisper boat and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. And of course of that well-filled picnic basket.  Click here for more information.

Zuiderzee museum

In 1932, the Afsluitdijk closed off the Zuiderzee from the Waddenzee and the new inland lake was given the name ‘IJsselmeer’. The part outside the dike has been part of the Wadden Sea ever since. The Zuiderzee Museum focuses on the history, current affairs and future of the IJsselmeer region. The themes of water, crafts and communities are central to this. You can find more information here.

Zijper Museum

The Zijper Museum focuses on the history of ‘de Zijpe’. This polder* lies between the West Frisian Omringdijk near Schagen and the coastal strip from Petten to beyond Callantsoog. De Zijpe was reclaimed together with the Hazepolder in 1597. Click here and find out.

Broeker Auction
The Zuiderzee Museum
The Zijper Museum