Mills in North Holland

North Holland has approximately 158 complete windmills and the nearest is two kilometres from the park: De Groenvelder.  You can see it from the park!

De Groenvelder or Molen van de Polder Valkkoog is a polder windmill in Groenveld (municipality of Schagen) built around 1560 with an oak octagonal frame. The mill is a so-called grondzeiler. It drains the polder Valkkoog, which at the time of its foundation measured approximately 497 hectares. The sail system of De Groenvelder is equipped with jibs and removable boards according to the Fauël system on both rods. Around 1842, the scoop wheel in the mill was replaced by an auger, which allowed the water to be brought up higher. This steel auger was extended in the 1950s in connection with the lower polder level.

A few mills in the vicinity

The Groenvelder
Waarland mill
Zijpe Mill Zuider G

Here you will find much more information about all the mills in North Holland.