Come to our recreation park near the beach in the Kop van Noord-Holland

Come to the beach, walk through the dunes, cycle over the historical dikes or stroll through the cosy town of Schagen. Of course, that is lovely in the summer, but what about the bulb fields in the spring, the rough sea and nice breeze in the autumn? But even at Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it is a pleasant place to stay. It is enjoyable all year round.

The sunniest region in our country

The northern part of North Holland scores best! Apart from the top of North Holland, Texel, Terschelling, Vlieland and the mainland west of the Lauwersmeer score well. Zeeland also stands out. It is striking how a few kilometres inland the number of sunshine hours immediately decreases. An interesting fact is that June is sunnier than July almost everywhere in the country.

Right: The sunshine hours map of the Netherlands (source: KNMI).

Heated pool

Enjoy a nice large outdoor pool with plenty of space around the pool for relaxing. There are sun beds, tables, umbrellas and a bench. The water is heated and the pool is open from May 1 to mid-September.

You can cycle to the coast in 20 minutes and also through one of the oldest polders!
Or discover the Westfriese Omringdijk and other surprising cycling routes.

Come play golf for a long weekend or midweek in the Kop van Noord-Holland. There are beautiful links and polder courses. 

Our park has a large outdoor swimming pool, but you can swim indoors all year round in swimming pool De Wiel, less than 3 km from the park.


Here you will find peace and quiet and you can enjoy cycling and walking.

But the cosiness of Schoorl, Callantsoog, Schagen or Alkmaar is also nearby. A lovely day trip to Amsterdam or Texel is also possible. And then of course sun, sea and beach close by!

We are open four seasons and there is always something to do!