Information for chalet owners

Rent out your chalet through Recreatiepark De Wielen

In 2021, we already have 13 rental properties under management and there will be at least 15 more next year. We are literally and figuratively on top of things. Our rental team has been reinforced with Kaylee and the occupancy rate is growing steadily.   

Flexible renting: you stay in charge of your own home

Do you want to rent out your property but still have the freedom to use it yourself? This is possible if you rent out through us. You remain in charge and you decide. You get access to the rental calendar of your bungalow in our reservation system and you can block off as many days as you want for your own use. Below you will find more information about how we work.

Rental income, costs and returns

Renting out brings in money, but how much? What commission is charged for arranging the rental? What are the additional costs for park management, energy costs, taxes?  Click here for more information.

Agreements, general terms and conditions and park regulations

In order to manage the rental properly, clear agreements must be made between the owner of a bungalow and Recreatiepark De Wielen. These also include agreements about the maintenance of your bungalow.

But good agreements must also be made and recorded between the tenants and Recreatiepark de wielen. General terms and conditions and park regulations come into play here. You will find these documents below:

  • Service agreement with mediation (between owner and Recreatiepark de Wielen)
  • Service agreement with mediation (between owner and Recreatiepark de Wielen
  • General terms and conditions (for lessees)
  • Park regulations (for lessees)

Booking process

Almost all reservations will come through our website and through our hundreds of online travel agencies (OTAs) such as and Airbnb.

By means of a clear search & book function on the site, a guest can search and book a bungalow entirely according to personal preference.

Self-check-in: freedom for the guest and corona-proof

If the guest makes a reservation online, he or she pays online and receives a booking confirmation with a PIN code and explanatory pictures and videos. The PIN code opens the gate. There is a key safe at the bungalow or we can install a digital lock. After the rental period the pincode will no longer work. By means of the videos, we show the guest how the barrier and, if applicable, the digital locks work.  With photos we show the location of the key safe and the driving route on the park.

This self-check-in gives a feeling of freedom: ‘I already have the key and don’t have to call or make an appointment with anyone’. All communication is digital and there is 24-hour support! The self-checkin is also corona proof.


We are constantly looking for effective and innovative ways to attract and inspire guests. The emphasis is increasingly on experience and interaction. To this end, we have various online options such as an up-to-date website, e-mail marketing, social media and a digital magazine. To inform (potential) guests who search for certain holidays, parks or facilities via search engines such as Google as concretely as possible, specific internet pages are developed. We are also active through more traditional means of communication.

The bungalows and chalets will also be offered by many tour operators and travel agencies in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France.

Rates are adjusted daily

This is called Yield Management and ensures that the highest possible yield is achieved. We adjust the prices daily and look at the occupancy of your bungalow, but also that of the other bungalows in the park, at the prices and occupancy of the competition, and several other parameters.

Complete care

We will take care of all the renting work and relieve you of all your worries. These are our activities:

  • carrying out promotional activities;
  • concluding rental agreements with guests;
  • The administration of rental agreements;
  • the collection of the rents and additional costs;
  • the monthly settlement of the net rental income;
  • taking care of the arrival and departure of the guest;
  • carrying out small technical maintenance up to a certain total amount on an annual basis.
  • cleaning after each stay
  • attempting to recover any damage caused by the tenant.

Would you like to know more? Send an e-mail to

The entrance

The entrance via the Killemerweg will remain messy for a while, as long as there is still construction going on. In the spring, we hope to widen the bridge over the ditch. This should create a much wider entrance with a clear distinction between our entrance and the entrance to the house. All the bricks will be removed and the road will be widened and put back on a good slope so that there are no puddles. Several parking spaces will be added, some of which will already be equipped with charging stations. There will be one barrier in front of the rubbish tip. The barrier can be opened in several ways:

  • with the current drops
  • or with pin code 
  • or with license plate recognition

The VVE will ultimately decide where to place the barrier and how it will function.

The swimming pool​

The large pool will remain where it is, but the fence and floor around the pool will be renewed and beautified during the winter months. A smaller baby pool will return and there will be enough space left to relax. The pool area and the fence will have a fresh and open look. 

Parkhuys and sports field

Where the sanitary building used to be, a new building will be erected during the winter months: ‘Het Parkhuys’. It will house a cosy bar/eatery, the familiar billiard table, a sanitary area (with toilets, showers and washing machine) and an office.
There will also be a sports field where you can play football, volleyball and badminton.
For events, the Parkhuys will be enlarged by stretching a tent over the road to create a pleasant party area. Let the bingo or karaoke begin!

3D Impression of the Parkhuys
Map of the Parkhuys
Location of the Parkhuys

New rental agreement for permanent plots

A new rental agreement for permanent pitches has been sent to each owner for signature. You can also view the agreement here.

The rates for 2022 will be as follows:

  • The rate for 8 months (including TV and Internet) will be € 2,488.70 (including VAT) as of 1 March 2022
  • The rate for 12 months (including TV and Internet) will be € 2,779.30 (including VAT) as of 1 January 2022.