Searching for birds in North Holland

Just imagine you love birds and you are in Noord-Holland. You will always be short of eyes and ears. There are so many different landscapes and species to choose from in our province that you could be faced with acute selection stress. With three coasts (North Sea, Wadden Sea and IJsselmeer) and an abundance of water on land, Noord-Holland attracts large numbers of birds. And every season there is something different to experience. So grab your binoculars and bird guide. There is no time to waste.

In the northern part of North Holland, by the Wadden Sea, it is wonderful bird watching. During the autumn migration, tens of thousands of waders gather here. They swarm through the air in large clouds. You can admire this beautiful spectacle from the bird observatories on the dike.

Lovers of meadow birds head out in the spring. The wheatear, godwit, redshank, lapwing and oystercatcher still breed here in large numbers.

Plenty of birds

Black-tailed Godwit